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SIA “Sauna serviss” business partners and main suppliers


sauna stoves, fireplaces, bath accessories, steam (hamam) cabins, infrared cabins, sauna modules, steam generators

SIA “Sauna serviss” – the official importer and dealer of TyloHelo in Latvia.

Finnish company TyloHelo is one of the largest producers of sauna baths and steam baths in the world. Production plants are located in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the United States of America.

SIA “Sauna serviss” offers its customers a comprehensive range of saunas stoves, steam generators, finished saunas and infrared cabins, control panels and various bath accessories of high quality and produced by TyloHelo.

More information on Helo products:


Wood stoves, fireplaces

Finnish producer Kastor has been producing wood stoves and fireplaces for more than 100 years. By using the knowledge they have gained and following trends in engineering solutions, Kastor has developed models of stoves and fireplaces that heat a room by consuming the minimum amount of wood required.

During the production of each model of Kastor wood stoves, modern design and innovative technologies are employed and materials of the highest class are used.

Kastor is a mark of distinction for true bath lovers who value quality and choose the best.

More information on Kastor products:


sauna stoves, fireplaces, bath accessories, infrared cabins, sauna modules, steam generators

German bath manufacturer EOS is a company whose products stand for innovative design and excellent German quality.

As EOS representative in Latvia, SIA “Sauna serviss” offers its customers various types and classes of sauna stoves produced by EOS, with modern control panels, infrared sauna equipment and cabins, steam and ice generators, SPA room and bath equipment.

More information on EOS products:


Water-resistant construction boards, construction modules

Wedi is German company that has been working for 30 years in the construction market in 36 countries. Wedi has developed an innovative, easy-to-use construction material – hydro insulated construction boards that are extremely light and water-resistant.
SIA “Sauna serviss” uses Wedi construction materials when building steam baths and, as an official Wedi representative in Latvia, provides Wedi construction boards and construction modules for friendly prices, both for individual customers and wholesale.
The construction material developed by Wedi can be used in finishing bathrooms, balconies, terrace covers, and living rooms as well as in the construction of SPAs. Wedi material is absolutely unique, durable, easy to cut and fit together, and the most important thing is that it is 100% water-resistant. By using Wedi materials you can reduce labour costs to half in the construction budget.
More information on Wedi products:


LED light solutions

Finnish LED light producer Cariitti has been a business partner of SIA “Sauna serviss” since 2012. The company itself has been working in the light equipment market since 1967.

Cariitti supplies SIA “Sauna serviss” with LED lights, fibre optic lighting systems and light projectors. Cariitti products are functional, modern and easy-to-use. The products are developed and designed in Finland.

SIA “Sauna serviss” installs and supplies its customers with Cariitti products, which are of the highest class.

More information on Cariitti products:


Ceramic tiles

SIA Sauna serviss uses mosaic ceramic tiles by the German tile manufacturer, Steuler, when carrying out the finishing work of a vapour bath.

Steuler Tiles-Group offers a wide range of ceramic tiles suitable for the premises of your vapour bath as well as your individual domestic preferences.

More information on Steuler products:

Arctic Spas

Outdoor spa massage baths

Arctic Spas® of Canada has been producing outdoor massage baths since 1994, and supplies its products to the European, American, and local market. In the outdoor massage bath market Arctic Spas is renowned for its product quality and innovative approach to design and technology as well as being able to match excellent quality with perfect prices.
Arctic Spas outdoor spa massage baths are extremely durable and suitable both for private and public use – in guest houses, SPA centres, etc.
Arctic Spas combine state-of-the-art spa technologies with world-class construction, and will provide customers with comfortable and high-quality massage baths for years.
The slogan of Arctic Spas is – we are the best one where the others follow.
Arctic Spas is globally known globally for two things – suitability for extreme weather conditions, a beautiful and hard-wearing outdoor spa massage design, and the best technological solutions for outdoor spa massage baths.
More information on Arctic Spas products: portable-spas/


tubs, buckets – waterfalls, wooden bathtubs, buckets, spoons

German company Blumenberg has over 100 years of experience in the production of wood items and has set the standard of high-quality and functional sauna equipment.
Blumenberg wood products for SPA rooms are high quality, they do not crack or change size under the impact of water, they are water resistant, do not swell and are long-serving. Blumenberg products are mainly made from kambala (dark wood) or larch (light wood). Both types of wood are naturally highly water resistant. Due to the minimum moisture fluctuations in the wood these products have unlimited service life.
Independent microbiological study by the Medical University of Graz has shown that the special surface covering from a technical point of view and in terms of hygiene and care is comparable to ceramic tiles. Blumenberg products are very easy to clean and you can use any bathroom cleaning products.


steam bath, saunas, SPA aromas

Camylle is a well-known French brand in the world of steam baths, saunas and SPA aromas.
At the core of the Camylle scents are natural plant-based extracts that have excellent water- solubility properties and are not damaging to heating elements and equipment.
Steam bath aromas have a highly concentrated milky base which is fully soluble in water and is obtained from 100% pure, natural essential oil emulsion.
Sauna aromas are fully soluble in water and will not damage the underlying heating elements when poured on sauna stones, as it may happen with chemical aromatherapy products.

WDT Werner Dosiertechnik

sauna and steam bath dispenses, salt generators, inhalation systems, aroma supply systems,
adventure shower

WDT Werner Dosiertechnik is a German company specializing in production of pool and SPA equipment and water purification systems – dispensers for saunas and steam baths, salt generators, inhalation systems, aroma supply systems, adventure showers with light therapy, aroma, various sounds, tropical rain and changing water temperature.
At the core of the philosophy of WDT Werner Dosiertechnik there is the need to achieve better solutions through dialogue and constructive discussion.

Aqua industrial group

water filters and dispensers

Aqua industrial group is an Italian manufacturer specializing in water filter and dispenser production. The manufacturer adapts the products for the market, finding solutions to everyone’s needs. Aqua industrial group uses technologically advanced systems, ranging from innovative solutions to high-quality water filtration products.

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