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Steam baths, Turkish saunas or hammam are saunas with humidity-resistant finishing the temperature of which varies from 40°C to 55°C. In steam baths the relative air humidity is almost 100%.


SIA Sauna serviss builds steam baths with glass, ceramic, or natural stone mosaic, finishing also by using natural marble tiles, marble mosaics, onyx, glass panels, and hardened tiles.

SIA Sauna serviss offers the following steam bath decorations:

  • Various combinations of tiles and mosaics
  • Lighting solutions by the Finnish manufacturer, Cariitti
  • Highlighted arches;
  • Stone sinks (kurna)
  • Crystals
  • Starry sky ceilings

SIA Sauna serviss offers additional equipment options in steam baths:

  • Light therapy or so-called Chromo therapy has a curative and relaxing effect on mind and body in a variety of ways.
  • Audio therapy in the steam bath; by using acoustic elements it is possible to listen music selected by yourself;
  • Aromatherapy which, through steam stream, will fill a sauna with eucalyptus, orange, lavender, or other aromas chosen by you.
  • Salt generators* that will ensure salt concentration in the air and the opportunity to perform salt inhalation in the steam bath;
  • Oxygen generators that will ensure oxygen-rich air in steam bath;
  • Combined oxygen and salt generators

* By using salt and oxygen generators the curative and recovery effect of the sauna will be reinforced in the steam bath. Salt and oxygen supply jets have a curative effect on the body; they will enrich the air in the steam bath until it becomes highly-concentrated maritime air and will affect the body in a curative way – will cleanse breathing passages from dust and smoking carbons, and will have a positive effect on thyroid activity

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