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Saunas are baths with wooden finishing in which the temperature may reach 60°C – 110°C.In saunas the humidity is from 10% to 70%, depending on type of stove chosen and the use of sauna.

All saunas supplied by SIA Sauna serviss are built only from high-quality wood, paying special attention to the selection of finishing boards.

SIA Sauna serviss offers the following sauna finishing materials:

  • In Latvia the most popular – black alder, aspen, or linden.
  • Technically processed timber that will produce a special and unique aroma in a room.
  • Finishing panels of sauna with a special coating.
  • Canadian cedar –a tree rich in essential oils, it has a unique aroma and is resistant to the humidity of a sauna, and is perfectly suitable for hot saunas (80°C – 110°C).
  • Hemlock or Canadian pine – a tree that has an invisible structure of branches. Its wood is suitable for saunas and salt sauna. It is usually selected by those who prefer hot saunas as the wood does not warm at high temperature and is highly resistant. The wood has gentle colour gradation.
  • Abachi – a porous African tree with a capacity for low heat storage, making it excellent for heat insulation; it can adapt to the body temperature and it is never gets hot.

SIA Sauna serviss offers the following sauna decorations:

  • Salt wall panels
  • Soap stone panels
  • Cedar elements
  • Juniper elements
  • Marble elements
  • Onyx insertions
  • Lightning solutions from the Finnish producer Cariitii

SIA Sauna serviss offers the following additional sauna equipment:

  • Stoves produced by the Finnish manufacturer, HELO, with BWT (Bio Water Technique) that will increase the amount of humidity and soften the air in saunas, as well as making it possible to perform salt and aroma oil therapies.
  • Light therapy or so-called chromo therapy that will have a curative and relaxing effect on mind and body in a variety of ways.
  • Audio therapy in the sauna; by using acoustic elements it is possible to listen to music that you have selected;
  • Salt generators* that will ensure salt concentration in the air and the opportunity to perform salt inhalation in the sauna;
  • Oxygen generators that will ensure oxygen-rich air in the sauna;
  • Combined oxygen and salt generators

* By using salt and oxygen generators the curative and recovery effect of the sauna on the body will be reinforced. Salt and oxygen supply jets have a curative effect on the body; they will enrich the air in the sauna until it becomes highly-concentrated maritime air and will affect the body in a curative way – will cleanse breathing passages from dust and smoking carbons and will have a positive effect on thyroid activity.

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