Salt caves (grotto)

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Salt caves are built from salt panels or salt bricks. The temperature in salt caves varies from 21°C to 30°C by creating the impression that you are in a real salt cave.

In finishing salt caves, SIA Sauna serviss offers various solutions – to completely cover it with white salt or combine with stone panels or free running, coarse sea salt.

In order to increase the effect of salt, SIA Sauna serviss offers its customers steam generators that will enrich the air in the salt sauna with a much greater concentration of sea air, thereby enhancing the positive effect of being in a salt cave. A salt generator will enhance the therapeutic effect of being in a salt cave, thereby cleansing breathing passages quickly by opening the deepest lung glands, relaxing and de-stressing the user.

Being in a salt cave will relax, cleanse breathing passages from contaminated air carbons, improve mental well-being, help to deal with allergens, postpone ageing processes, improve concentration and metabolism, and renew and refresh the body.

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