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SIA Sauna serviss builds infrared saunas as well as retailing ready-to-use infrared cabins produced by the Finnish manufacturer, HELO.


Infrared saunas are built from natural wood and equipped with infrared radiators intended to perform warm-up procedures. The floors and walls are made from wood by combining with glass or stone. Infrared saunas, in contrast to simple saunas, affect skin through infrared radiation, not through air. In infrared saunas the temperature varies from 30°C to 70°C.


Material for indoor finishing infrared saunas:

  • Canadian cedar – a tree rich in essential oils, giving the sauna a pleasant aroma.
  • Hemlock or Canadian pine – a resistant and durable material that looks good and contains a large number of essential oils.
  • Linden – a clean and homogeneous material with a pleasant aroma, which has a calming effect; this wood is suitable for those who suffer from allergies, it does not crack, twist or dry. It helps to decrease the level of humidity during a visit to the sauna, thereby improving the microclimate and increasing efficiency.
  • Pine – a material resistant against rot, which does not have a tendency to crack when dried.

Infrared sauna cabins come in different sizes and capacities. Therefore, before purchasing you should assess the possibilities for rooms, as well as estimating how many people will use the sauna at the same time. Cabins capacity can be from 1 to 10 persons. They are suitable for installation in health centres, sport clubs, SPA salons, and private houses and apartments.

An infrared sauna helps to clean skin, to get rid of harmful substances by increasing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Regular visits to saunas have a positive effect on health and improve the immune system.

A visit to an infrared ray sauna differs from a simple sauna. Thirty minutes is enough time for the body to receive the all the beneficial effects of an infrared sauna.

Advantages of Infrared saunas:

  • Comfortable temperature, no overheating;
  • Recommended for those who have cardiovascular diseases and those who do not like hot saunas or who are unable to bear heat;
  • Warms up quickly (up to 15 minutes);
  • Takes up a small space;
  • Consumes a small amount of energy (1.5kw – 3 kw, less than a kettle, which consumes between 2.2 kw – 3kw)
  • Cheaper operation in comparison with simple saunas;
  • Simple assembly and mobility;

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