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SIA Sauna serviss offers various cooling solutions following sauna or steam bath procedures – installation of ice jets, cold rooms, snow rooms.

In cold rooms the temperature may vary from + 5°C to -5°C.

An Ice crystal jet produced by an ice generator may be installed in SPA rooms, both as a decoration and a functional cooling device, after visiting the sauna or steam bath. After visiting the sauna or steam bath ice cubes will pleasantly cool down and invigorate your skin, similar to a scrub.

Cold and snow rooms are excellent solutions for those who do not like to cool down in a cold shower or an ice-cold swimming pool after visiting the sauna or steam bath. SIA Sauna serviss offers to build a room in which the walls, floor, and ceilings will be made of ice and snow, where you may cool down and rub yourself with snow, thereby improving blood circulation and skin condition. The combination of cold air and snow will provide the opportunity to cool down, it will ease pain, and provide great relaxation, it will refresh and improve your mood

Cold is just as important as heat for a body; in a cold room the body automatically releases energy in order to warm up, it increases energy and cell activity for burning fat. The combination of cold and hot air encourages skin recovery, improves skin tone, and reduces wrinkles and cellulite.

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