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The enterprises of SIA Sauna serviss are based on quality, affordable prices, an honest attitude towards customers, and mutually profitable cooperation. We have been operating in the sauna-building market since 2012, but our technicians have between 10 – 20 years’ experience in building, repairing, and renovating saunas and steam baths.


When you choose to build your sauna or steam bath with SIA Sauna serviss you can be confident that the work will be performed with great care with only high-quality materials being selected, offering the best, long-lasting, and favourable solution.


SIA Sauna serviss – these are high-quality and comfortable saunas and steam baths that serve their owners for many years.


SIA Sauna serviss specialists are constantly looking to broaden their expertise and keep up to date with the latest technologies and solutions in the building of sauna and steam bath rooms. They regularly attend industry expositions and seminars in Germany and Finland, where the sauna equipment is produced.

SIA “Sauna serviss”
Telephone No.: (+371) 67887857
Mobile No.: (+371) 29420599
Bikernieku Street 162a, Riga, Latvija, LV-1079